The Generation of Ideas programme contributes to encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit and culture of innovation and also to offer support for modelling the ideas of researchers and PhD students in all academic areas. This year the Generation of Ideas programme was organised jointly with the UAB Research Park and the Mental Health Research Network (CORE Mental Health)

The programme combines theory and practice to give researchers the knowhow to transfer their technology to society from an idea based on the research they are involved in. The training also offers great opportunities for researchers who want to present their ideas to the competitive projects of Horizon 2020 and need a business plan.

This year the program focuses on the field of Mental Health and emotional well-being, promoting projects aimed at improving the diagnosis, treatment and management of mental disorders, as well as promoting the emotional well-being of different population groups (children, the elderly, chronic patients, etc.).


The first part of the programme consists of different creative sessions to generate ideas and shape them. Once the idea is defined, professionals from the sector with experience in the creations and management of companies give the participants advice on types of companies, intellectual property, pitching techniques, financing, etc. so that they acquire the knowledge necessary for drawing up the business plan.

Finally, there is a competition where participants present their projects before the different institutions and companies that have sponsored the programme and experts in the valorisation of business ideas. Three prizes are awarded for the best projects.