Successful stories

Since the first year of the programme 9 new companies have been created: AEInnova, Bioeclosion, Crowdmobile, Axia, Mass Factory, Make-R, Pump-it, Sensing Solutions and Visual Tagging Services.

  • AEInnova: This is a spin-off company from the School of Engineering of the UAB which has developed technology which enables low and medium degree residual heat to be captured and used as energy. (2014)
  • Axia: This is an in-situ best available technology application (BAT) for the treatment of industrial organic waste, which to date had no prior valorisation, and with the application of new technological developments it can be scaled to the specific requirements of the waste. (2012)
  • Bioeclosion: Celifastis a biosensor which enables the detection of coeliac disease in just a few minutes using a simple process of blood testing in the surgery of the specialist doctor. (2013)
  • Crowdmobile: is a CVC company offering solutions to problems of the collection, processing and analysis which could not be done automatically because of its quantity or nature. (2012)
  • Make-R: 3D printing company. (2013)
  • Mass Factory: This is a technology-based company from the School of Engineering of the UAB. It develops mobile apps for urban accessibility and mobility. OnTheBus is the first product and is aimed at people with disabilities. (2012)
  • Pump-it: This is a multifunctional system for microfluid devices which use extremely high precision piezoelectrical materials as pumping mechanisms. (2015)
  • Sensing Solutions: This company has developed a platform of free-standing sensors which allow the monitoring of water treatment in real time and the analysis of physical-chemical and bacteriological barriers. (2014)
  • Visual Tagging Services: Is a technology-based company which develops and commercialises intelligent information systems that allow objects to be recognised from images (objects in catalogues, films, etc.) (2012)