opinio_anna_beatriz“A program that allowed me to leave the laboratory. Transferring scientific discoveries is essential. I hope that this program and others with the same purpose will continue to exist.”

Ana Beatriz, researcher in the Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG). Participant in 2017 


imatge_montserrat2“This programme has allowed me to reflect on our research, discover that we can reach new publics and learn how and what we have to do to reach them”

Montserrat Rovira, researcher in the UAB Medieval History research group. Participant in 2016 

imatge_pep_colomer“This programme has helped me a lot when it comes to finding outlets and applications for me technology in order to create new market solutions”.

Pep Colomer, researcher at the Institute for Space Studies of Catalonia. Participant in 2015.

imatge_opinio_nuria_gil “One of our main principles as a company is innovation. We therefore learn an incredible amount by seeing new projects and new technological applications. For us the university is a source of generation of ideas”.

Núria Gil, director in Catalunya of Air Liquide Spain, sponsor company 2015 and 2016

imatge_blanco“It is one of those occasions when you feel like you are taking part in a project with an impact and where you are also lucky to be able to enjoy the experience”.

Raül Blanco, industrial strategy manager for the Government of Catalonia and jury member in 2016

img_opinio_enric_2013“For me this programme meant getting out of the lab, out of my comfort zone. It deals with interesting topics that can help us to move ahead with our projects”

Enric Vidal, researcher at the Animal Health Research Centre of the UAB.  Participant in 2013